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NC Women United is comprised of “member” organizations. We could not do the work we do without YOU. So, join us or renew your membership today.

As a part of your membership, each member organization is responsible for supplying NCWU with at least two people from your organization who can be part of quarterly NCWU conversations, setting priorities, assisting as a part of committees, and advising/electing the board. We are committed to engaging all those who want to work on our issues. 

To define membership, we do charge dues based on the organization’s annual budget. However, we are committed to engaging with organizations and individuals from all walks of life that wish to work on the issues that are important to all of us. If the suggested dues don’t work for your or your organization’s finances, you may request a reduction with supporting documentation to be provided at that time. Please do not consider the dues amount a barrier to your membership. Individuals are welcome to work with us as well. Just contact us to start the conversation.

Want to know more about the initiatives that you are supporting with your contributions?

Download the PDF copy of our NCWU 2021-2022 Legislative Agenda today!