Our Issue Focus

Our Commitment

As an explicitly anti-racist organization that takes an inter-sectional and multi-generational approach to feminism,  we maintain a commitment to advocating for policies that have the potential to increase equality and decrease discrimination along the many and intersecting streams of marginalization that can manifest in

society, be that by gender identity or sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, class, age, immigration status or ability. 

To achieve full political, social, and economic equality, NCWU advances public policies and laws that fall into four broad categories:

    •  Economic Stability
    • Access to Healthcare
    • Inclusive and Equitable Democracy
    • Gender-Based Violence
    • Climate and Environmental Justice

Are these issues that matter to you?

Would you like the opportunity to educate women in your local community on these issues? Perhaps you have a desire to attend our women’s advocacy day and help us spread this message to our elected officials.

“ Voting rights and access to convenient early voting has been under continuous attack. We clear one hurdle and two more appear. It is exhausting”
-Forsyth County woman