Inclusive and Equitable Democracy


Inclusive and Equitable Democracy

Race and Gender Equity

  • Expand the authority of local governments to establish citizen review boards to investigate police misconduct.
  • Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • Amend NCGeneral Statute 50B to remove the discriminatory “opposite sex” requirement for dating relationships.
  • Expand non-discrimination protections in housing, employment (including unpaid internships), public accommodations, insurance, lending institutions, and education.
  • Increase accountability in law enforcement by:
    • prohibiting discriminatory profiling – requiring enhanced reporting on information collected at traffic stops
    • collecting additional information on the use of deadly force by law enforcement regarding characteristics of officers and victims
    • updating training and education of law enforcement on issues of discrimination
  • Increase the scope of and penalties for hate crimes, to demonstrate a commitment to and further enhance the safety and security for all populations in North Carolina.
  • Actively defend against racial discrimination by outlawing hair discrimination by supporting the CROWN Act creating a respectful open world for natural hair

Voting Rights and Good Democracy

  • Establish an independent redistricting process to draw legislative and congressional districts.
  • Oppose legislation that:
    • seeks to create additional barriers to safety and critical resources for immigrants residing and working in NC
    • limits local governments’ and law enforcement’s efforts to better integrate immigrants into their communities
  • Streamline voter registration and access through:
    • same-day registration
    • increased voting sites and hours
    • expanded online options for voter registration
  • Support laws that create open, transparent elections and promote checks and balances in government.


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