Gender-Based Violence


Gender-Based Violence

We strive for the elimination of violence against women and girls in North Carolina. We believe that a life without violence is essential to a woman’s health. The impact of violence against women and girls ranges from long-term physical, sexual and mental consequences, including death. Preventing violence against women requires the dismantling of systems in society that contributes to and maintains gender inequality. We encourage policymakers to enact legislation that promotes a women’s right to live free from violence.

    • Enacting common-sense gun safety regulations
    • Expanding protection for sexual violence victims by removing statute language that indicates consent, once given, can’t be withdrawn and clarifying that victims who knowingly drank alcohol or took drugs can be considered “mentally incapacitated” and unable to consent to sexual acts.
    • Adequately funding the Family Court system to support swifter and better custody outcomes for domestic violence survivors
    • Amending NCGeneral Statute 50B/50Cto accept electronic filing requests from “rape crisis centers” in addition to “domestic violence programs.”
    • Ending the shackling of pregnant, incarcerated people in North Carolina prison and jails.
    • Taking actions to end how NC deals with adolescent sexting- removing the felony charges and sex offender registration.
    • Taking actions to end the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women in North Carolina.


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